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Below are links connecting to further information on the various topics raised in the Reason interviews. they are intended as a resource toward a deeper understanding of the issues we face together:

Obama Raises the Bar of Discourse With Speech On Race
(video here)

Bill Richardson Responds With op-ed

A Simple Overview of Obama's Economic Policies
(and a short version of his economic plan)

America's Reputation Will be Restored Internationally

The Conservative Case For Obama

Evangelicals Considering Obama

McCain's Misstatements

McCain's Lack of Response to Katrina Despite His Assurances to the Contrary

The Media's "Soft Gloved" Approach to Mccain

Compilation of McCain's Confused and Overwhelmed State of Mind

Republicans for Obama - It's Official

Obama Welcomes the GOP On His Website

Why Some Conservatives Will Vote for Barack Obama

An Article That Questions the Rationale of Evangelicals Supporting Republicans

A Rolling Stone article that looks at the binary logic of the American election cycle

Historically a John McCain supporter, conservative journalist and blogger Andrew Sullivan takes on the issue of John McCain's integrity as he strives to win the presidency.

Bob Herbert discusses Palin's lack of readiness

An insight into Palin's governing style


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Video Links

Mary Ellen McNally
Mary Ellen McNally, Colorado

Joe Carlson
Joe Carlson, Colorado

Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore, Virginia

arnold gasper
Dave Otto, Virginia

arnold gasper
Otto Family, Virginia

arnold gasper
Greg Wierzbicki, Virginia

arnold gasper
David Hendrickson, Colorado

arnold gasper
Sara Yoskin, Vermont

Jan Martin
Jan Martin, Colorado

Jim Hayes
Jim Hayes, Colorado

Megan Nypaver
Megan Nypaver, Pennsylvania

Juliet McGuinness
Juliet McGuinness, Massachusetts

arnold gasper
Arnold Gasper, Virginia

jose martinez
Jose Martinez, Florida

AndrewAndrew Bacevich, Massachusettes

Alicia O'Leary, Massachusettes

RandallRandall Leverette, New York

John Martin, New York

opal evans
Opal Evans, New Hampshire

Chip Evans
Chip Evans, New Hampshire

Steve Wilkl
Steve Wilkl, New Hampshire

Bucky Demers
Bucky Demers, New Hampshire

Barbara Hall, New Hampshire


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