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We find ourselves at a crucial turning point in history: American hegemony is coming to an end, environmental crises force us all to be global citizens, and the defining concepts of modernity are under ideological attack. It is imperative we face these looming challenges with a strong resolve and an ability to discuss them with a clear head unencumbered by the partisan bickering of antiquated rivalries.

The Reason Campaign was created as a response to the increasingly polarized partisan soundbites and fearmongering that pass as political discourse today. Our national media continues to do us a disservice by covering important political conversations like the latest reality show, searching for "gotcha" moments and harping on "hot button issues" such as flag pins while ignoring their responsibility to both educate and inform.

Instead of appealing to voter's fears and worries, we hope to appeal to their reason by respectfully sharing the reasons of other voters, like them, who have decided to support change this year. We've been most interested in conservative Americans who have decided to support Barack Obama because they represent the most principled example of reason over emotion: forgoing party lines in favor of an individual candidate's leadership.

Our hope is that these interviews might serve as a starting point for a productive conversation among American voters who are carefully deliberating how to cast their ballot in November. Please join us in the conversation....

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Mary Ellen McNally
Mary Ellen McNally, Colorado

Joe Carlson
Joe Carlson, Colorado

Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore, Virginia

arnold gasper
Dave Otto, Virginia

arnold gasper
Otto Family, Virginia

arnold gasper
Greg Wierzbicki, Virginia

arnold gasper
David Hendrickson, Colorado

arnold gasper
Sara Yoskin, Vermont

Jan Martin
Jan Martin, Colorado

Jim Hayes
Jim Hayes, Colorado

Megan Nypaver
Megan Nypaver, Pennsylvania

Juliet McGuinness
Juliet McGuinness, Massachusetts

arnold gasper
Arnold Gasper, Virginia

jose martinez
Jose Martinez, Florida

AndrewAndrew Bacevich, Massachusettes

Alicia O'Leary, Massachusettes

RandallRandall Leverette, New York

John Martin, New York

opal evans
Opal Evans, New Hampshire

Chip Evans
Chip Evans, New Hampshire

Steve Wilkl
Steve Wilkl, New Hampshire

Bucky Demers
Bucky Demers, New Hampshire

Barbara Hall, New Hampshire


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